Press and Reviews 

Green + Simple 

"With a minimal aesthetic that looks great on your shelf, this all-rounder is good enough to convince even the heaviest of sweaters and natural deodorant skeptics alike."


"How do you know when you’ve found “the one”? You just know. In the case of finding the right deodorant, I have found the one, my skincare soulmate if you will. "

Home Style Magazine 

"Its still surprisingly hard to find a natural deodorant that works and doesn’t smell like your spice rack. The search stops with this one, which has hints of lavender fields and summer grasses.

Yes Queen 

"The texture, tone & fragrance of “cactus and clay” takes my senses on a journey every morning, gliding on effortlessly, with no excess residue, I couldn’t recommend this range any more highly!"

The Weekend Edition 

"If you’re a natural deodorant sceptic, we get it – crystals and coconut don’t always cut the mustard. However, APHA.LAB has done the hard yards to create a deodorant that is free from hidden nasties, and is instead filled with nourishing ingredients."


FLUKE Beauty 

"For those of you sensitive to bi-carb you will be pleased to know that this deodorant is free from this often irritating ingredient. The formula itself is really cooling on application so if you get razor burn it will do a nice job of calming the irritation."

Print Magazine Features 

Real Living - Beauty Spot 

"Let your skin breathe with next-to-nude coverage and smooth silky formulas"

Real Living - Annual Hot List

"We were slightly sceptical about natural deodorants until we tried this one. The gel formula is cooling, the two mild fragrances have a therapeutic effect and best of all "

Fete Magazine - The Bathroom Vanity

Vogue UK 

Financial Review Magazine

Frankie Magazine