Copy of About Us


Conceptually founded in Melbourne 2017 and physically launched to the world in 2019, APHA.LAB was born with a desire to take you out of your head and into the moment.

With a focus on the natural world, and using scent as a primary vehicle, each self-care item is designed to enhance the mindfulness of your daily routine. In a continuously busy world, we recognise that little moments can have meaningful impact; these rituals deserve to be special.

The journey commenced with natural deodorant, catalysed by an exploration of the harmful effects of antiperspirant. Wanting to counter an industry whose history began by imposing self-doubt onto women (read more here), APHA.LAB’s Free-From Deodorants are 100% natural and allow your body to behave as it should.

Through established relationships with chemists and aroma professionals, we have developed unique scents and compositions that facilitate the effectiveness of our deodorants. Every texture, fragrance, aesthetic and application has been deliberated over and tested; we’re very proud of the result.

Our curiosity and plans, however, remain insatiable. Perfume and Ritual represent an extension of our underlying values, and our horizon continues to tease an array of exciting opportunities.

By revitalising our day-to-day customs, the path to our destination gains clarity. APHA.LAB aims to illuminate the otherwise dimly lit road. Natural focused and ethically derived. Always.

Mariana Raltcheva – Founder